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"In Asia, for the world."

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    Yunrong Chen

I know that many people at YNC gave up other amazing offers to come to this place, because of various reasons. To me, that reason was ''In Asia, for the world.''

I really cannot describe how much I resonate with these simple five words. Maybe it's because of my deep-rooted Asian identity, maybe it’s because of my international experience, maybe it's because of my rebellion toward the idea that a liberal arts education is a “western” thing. But yeah, here I am, from Moscow to Singapore, across 54.45 latitude. As I have been in YNC and Singapore for a month now, I must say that I am not disappointed at all. My YNC experience so far really lived up to my expectations, and I’m so proud and honoured to be a Kingfisher and to call this community my home.

As the first liberal arts college in Singapore and the very first few across Asia, Yale-NUS represents something that is so much greater than just liberal arts education. There is something so unique about Yale-NUS that no other college could ever replicate or replace, and we are really more than just a "controversial collaboration" or "experiment."

After being admitted, the Class of 2025 received "A Letter from the Yale-NUS College President," and I found one quote particularly inspirational: "We’re building something great at Yale-NUS. I would be honoured if you would join us." Yes, I joined, I committed, and I am here, ready to build something great, just to be informed that this will not exist anymore. This College that carries so many people's dreams, hopes, inspirations and expectations will not exist anymore. This is a ruthless slaughter.

Today (8.27) was chaotic, but it is so heartwarming to see everyone’s determination to stick together and support each other. People at YNC are truly some of the brightest and most intelligent people I have ever met, I have no doubt that together we are going to make the last four years memorable and exceptional more than ever.

We are living history. We are writing history.