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Moments at YNC

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Most of the best moments in my life were at Yale-NUS, with the vibrant, diverse, and tight-knit community. YNC’s best isn’t just its common core or residential living or whatever else that the “New College” claims to continue – what makes YNC uniquely YNC is us actively creating and fighting for the community and education that we, the students, want to have. It is the personal interactions with faculty and admin that we can only get from such a small community. It’s the availability of safe spaces for people to be whomever they want to be, and know that they would still find a home in YNC.

It is late night talks with friends who become family. It is impromptu suite cooking sessions, where we discuss anime and poetry and Durkheim and everything in between. It is board game and DnD sessions with friends and profs. It is Ballroom, where I could be a part of such a wonderful and special family. Above all, YNC is a place where people genuinely learn from and care for each other, differences and all. I’m grateful and glad to have been a part of its fleeting history.

YNC is not a place, it’s a people 🧡💙