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A personal reflection (28/08)

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My heart breaks to think that Yale-NUS will no longer continue to be a college of its own in 4 years. It was not "just a college" that I attended. It was my home away from home, where I first picked up dancing, where I made some amazing friends, where I learnt so many things about the world and myself. In this sense, by losing YNC I am also losing a core part of my identity and of course I am grieving, mad, and frustrated about this entire situation.

But at the same time, I am grateful. "You don't know what you have until you've lost it," as they say. In the midst of my sadness and grief, I am also grateful of my opportunities and experiences at Yale-NUS. The community here is diverse, thriving, and welcoming, and I am so so proud to say that I'm a Yale-NUS student/alumni.

This is a tough time for many of us, but I am sure we can work through it and maybe enjoy our remaining time here with some bittersweet gratitude. We might have lost Yale-NUS the college, but what we've learnt and experienced here will continue to live on within us.