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Rage and Grief

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i came to this college in hopes of creating change, and we did that! we really did! small and large changes are equally as important. but now that is being thrown back in our faces-- the profs who designed our common curriculum are blindsided by these abrupt to their jobs, the queer students who worked so hard to have a place on this island are only promised freedoms if they "make sense," and so so SO much more that i can't even begin to articulate. the sense of loss that we are experiencing is intense and seemingly endless, but the sense of community seems even stronger. we will continue to push back until we are completely dissolved (and probably even after then) because that's just the way our community is built. we are all committed to the diversity and inclusion at ync, as well as the interdisciplinarity that means so much more than just taking literature and math classes at the same time. we learn from our peers as much as we do from our faculty, and we will continue to form these important bonds whether we have a physical space to do so or not. i am incredibly upset at the way that this was handled and communicated to us, but exceedingly grateful that the ync community goes so much deeper than merely existing as a physical space-- it is truly much more personal than an outsider would ever be able to understand, and i'm deeply saddened that singapore won't get to experience what we have to offer for much longer. we will not allow you to forget us; we will persevere.