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Grieving an Imagined Future

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As the Class of 2022, we were in a unique position that we were the last batch to experience a full year at Yale-NUS before the pandemic, and we were so excited to tell the stories to inspire younger batches to rekindle that vibrancy. Now, we are faced with the prospect of being the last batch to experience four years of a Yale-NUS 'full house.' The soul of YNC was always building for the future, striving to make improvements not just for ourselves but for any student who came after us. With the suddenness and brutality of this decision, NUS administration has clearly demonstrated that they do not care about the fundamental principles of this community. Coming to this school has genuinely changed my life for the better - I was given freedom to explore my academic interests, make mistakes and be lovingly corrected, and above all else form some of the most meaningful relationships of my life. When I stand on the sky garden at night and look across campus, I feel such an outpouring of love for this community, despite (or perhaps because of) its' flaws. A space like this was always intended to be passed down, to be nurtured and cared for by generations of students who chose to attend a college that offered something unique, which promised them an alternative. It is nothing less than a tragedy that it has been given an expiry date, especially in such a cold and callous way. The community will remain united, but we will always be grieving.